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Disruptive Ideas That Challenge Your Thinking

"Tony had the entire crowd mesmerized with real nuggets that the business owners and CEOs could take back and implement immediately. I highly recommend you tap into the incredible knowledge he has to share.”

Heather Kasten, President, CEO, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Most leaders recognize the profound impact culture has on organizational success; nevertheless, very few operate in organizations where culture and performance are given equal attention. In many cases, organizational outcomes are clearly defined and measured while organizational culture is left up to “good intentions.” Based on his book, Culture in 4D, Change the Culture, Change the Outcomes will introduce attendees to a process for improving performance by designing and building a culture where organizational values are turned into action, and metrics are used to ensure alignment. Infused with research, humorous stories, and real-life examples, this keynote will allow participants to depart with practical tools to help them design, build, & harness the full power of a culture of excellence.

The future success of today’s leader is inextricably linked to their mastery of change agility. Failure to do so will turn today’s legacy into tomorrow’s corporate disaster story. In the words of Alvin Toffler, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but rather those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Although anxiety and distress are the common responses to the prospect of change and left unchecked they can blind us to the opportunity for growth that change provides. A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor outlines five foundational principles that when followed can serve as an anchor when the waves of change are upon us. Infused with humorous stories and valuable lessons learned through a lifetime of navigating change, this keynote will not only leave you energized, refocused, and ready to take on your next challenge, but also give practical tools to assist you.

In every organization, people are the bridge between strategy and execution. The actions of leaders support or destroy the bridge. Balancing people and performance is the mandate of the 21st century leader, but knowing where to start is often a mystery. Cutting through the noise created from the overabundance of information on leadership, this keynote takes you back to the foundation of leadership; outlining the characteristics of a leader people will follow by choice. Whether participants are currently leading or simply wanting to increase their influence, Leadership Secrets from the Wizard of Oz provides a fresh perspective on maximizing their impact. Are you ready to see the Wizard?


Although there are universal challenges that every organization faces, the way those challenges play out daily vary greatly. For that reason, Tony Moore Speaks can customize even our most requested Keynotes to ensure that our goals align with your organization’s objectives.


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