About the Book

Are you combatting the impact of employee disengagement, departmental silos, and turnover?

Imagine an organization where your best and brightest employees are both retained and lead the charge to ensure all elements of your culture are aligned with your stated values.

Would you like to convert employee potential into productivity and increase bottom-line performance?

Imagine a team where individual and collective ownership for business outcomes is so firmly rooted in your culture that “holding people accountable” becomes a thing of the past.

Do you have the desire to improve your culture but unsure where to start?

Tony Moore’s innovative 4D approach engages your employees in a process where they Dream, Design, Develop, and Defend a culture of engagement, ownership, and bottom-line performance. By transforming abstract concepts into concrete, tangible, and actionable steps, Culture in 4D pulls the curtain back on the mystery behind the creation of a culture of excellence. Change the Culture, Change the Outcomes!

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About Tony Moore

Tony is the Culture Architect, a Keynote Speaker, Author and recovering Human Resource Executive with more than 25 years’ experience in the C-suite. He strongly believes that an organization’s greatest asset is a force-multiplying culture that supports your organization’s values. Tony lives in Clearwater, Florida with his family.